A legend on the London fetish scene, Cos Kyriacou and his team of master craftsmen at Fabulously Fetish produce high quality bespoke handcrafted footwear at his North London workshop. There are very few artisan shoemakers still around and he is the only one left in London.

A shoemaker since childhood, beginning under the guidance of his cobbler father, there is nothing Cos Kyriacou does not know about high heels. His footwear has appeared in Elle, Vogue and Cosmopolitan and he's worked and collaborated with designers such as Betty Jackson, Katherine Hamnett, Clements Ribeiro and Alexander McQueen. His footwear has been on the feet of many A-list celebrities, including Prince.

Cos recalls how that started: "They were having trouble with their shoemakers in California and they brought in some stuff to repair when he was over here on tour. I said, 'Why don't you let me make his shoes?'" So Prince's wardrobe people sent him drawings of Prince's feet, with his measurements, and they did a fitting by taxi between hotel and cobbler. In a relationship that lasted for nine years, Cos became Prince's personal shoemaker supplying all the footwear that he wore for his live shows. If you have ever been lucky enough to see Prince on stage, then you have an idea of the punishment he puts those heels through in every performance, the fact they can withstand that is testament to Cos's genius as a shoemaker.

Glamour starts at the feet, so Cos knows that shoemaking is more than a craft, it is an art. Shoes are the most important investment a girl can make so he tailors and sculpts the shape of the heel and instep to make her legs and feet look their sexiest. Thanks to his background his footwear can range from extreme fetish to fashion but with a sharp edge, you can wear it with a little black dress or if you are feeling particularly daring even to the office.

His shoes are more than objects of beauty – they are masterpieces of structural engineering. The heels are reinforced with steel to give durability and strength which has also made his footwear very popular with discerning TG customers all over the world. These are objects of beauty built to last, his shoes from the 80s and 90s are sought after collectors items, looking as good now as in the year when they were made.

If you are in London, you can visit their showroom and workshop near Southgate Tube and have a face to face consultation with Cos himself. You can check out their range at www.fabulouslyfetish.com or as Cos says, "If you have a particular style or design of your own you want done, we can bring that to life. Just show us the pictures and we can do any style, any material, any colour in any size. When it comes to high heels, there is nothing we can't do. We love any challenge."


An easy dessert to make, with best results when prepared in close quarters – with that special someone.

As you prepare the cake for baking, toast some coconut, for decorating, but also to fill the kitchen with a sweet, crunchy aroma, arousing your senses for the evening. As the cake is cooling, combine the coconut cream and condensed milk. Stir together slowly, dipping each other's fingers in to sample the intense, erotic flavors and dripping sweetness sliding down your hands and lips.

Once the cake is cooled off, slide the long handle of a wooden spoon deep into the top of the cake, poking holes for the glaze to seep in. Carefully, together, drizzle the cream nectar all over the cake, allowing ample amounts to slide sensually down the sides, encasiing the cake with a sugary, latex-like frosting.

Next, quickly, in rapid strokes, bring the whipped cream to a light, airy state. The sight and sounds of this stage set the anticipation that lies ahead, and can also get a little messy, as whipped cream can get sticky. Spread the cake with a generous layer, all around. Sprinkle with toasted coconut, and chill until ready to serve.

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