Every man and woman wants to know the secret of seduction.  We all have hopes and dreams, but when you’ve found someone who’s already stolen your heart…  How do you go about capturing theirs?

I think the secret to seducing anyone is the ability to create energy, arousal, or even magic between two people.  Aphrodisiacs have been used for centuries and can create steamy intimate encounters.   Even our grandmothers would say, “The way to a man’s heart is through is stomach.”  They were not far from the truth.
In order to test this theory, I gathered a list of known aphrodisiacs and set up a “test” date.   Being in love with a wonderful cook, I was more than willing to be the test subject for this experiment. 

Seduce my lips… the rest will follow.

The evening began long before dinner.  Seduction and the unfolding of secrets take time.  I took a seat on the bar stool, and watched as he carefully prepared each of the dishes.  Intoxicated by his presence, I drifted off in my own thoughts as I watched his eyes sparkle, listened to the calming sound of his voice, and even leaned over to check him out as he pulled pans from various corners of his kitchen.  While he spoke, I thought back to when we met and how he asked me to have pancakes with him… in the closet.  He stole my heart that day with the intense control he took as he pushed me back, bound my hands, and sweetly kissed me through chocolate covered bananas and pancakes.

Knowing his own power, he took his time entrancing me. He poured a glass of chardonnay to start the evening and got out the cutting board. I barely had a chance to

take a sip when I realized that it was in the shape of a big paddle.  He smiled as he told me to come around the counter and bend over.   He gave me five wacks over my jeans and sent me to get spices out of the cabinet.  Too close to the corner, he came up behind me and pushed me against the counter, slowly turning me to face him.  He held me firmly in place, kissing my lips while all the while pulling out a variety of spices.  We began to both open and smell different ones, cinnamon, vanilla bean, nutmeg, and made up a small plate of the “aphrodisiac” anise seed, which takes a bit like licorice when crunched.  Our lips came together again, as he sent me back to my seat, or “tied up in the pantry.”  I like watching him so I took my seat.








Other “recommended items”: blindfolds, sensual music,
rope or leather straps, His n Hers hand towels and
your delicious imagination.


It was so hard not to just crawl across the counter and inhale him.  As he sliced fruits and vegetables, slowly feeding me bits and sliding his finger just across my tongue, I melted.  Was it the food or the incredible heat in the kitchen?  Who’s to know, but when he gave me his finger covered in chocolate mousse… I felt an intense need to strip him down and cover him with it. (Yes, it had sprinkles.) Perhaps it was my submissive side, feeling needed as he gave me different small tasks to do, like finding an exact number of candles and lighting them, breaking up pieces of chocolate for the tray, or finding towels.  In a sense, his seduction was working because he simultaneously interacts with all the different aspects of my emotional, psychological, and physical needs.  Teasing not only my taste buds, but also my body, mind, and heart.  His seduction so intensely layered that there was no escape.

We had a light dinner of chicken, shrimp, and pineapples.  Earlier we had learned from a very helpful clerk at the local “adult” store that pineapples were not only an aphrodisiac, but also sweetens a man’s flavor. Pineapple kisses made dinner go quickly as there was much to look forward to with desert. I went off to get into something “more comfortable” and came back out to find the blankets and pillows spread out, candle light still going and very erotic tones of jazz and blues. Our beautiful tray of delights ready for us to play in was on a low table, along with our flavored massage oils.

His attention to detail, his pulling me in and then holding back drove me wild. I wanted to devour him let alone the food on the tray.  This was turning out to be a very biased study.  He could have asked for anything. Overwhelmed, smitten, call it what you will. Then the strangest thing happened.  He gave me a bite of chocolate covered bananas, sending my mind into a chemical overdrive, with flashbacks of our time in the closet. I wanted to do nothing more than beg, for more, for him, for anything.  He had me exactly where he wanted me as we fed each other chocolate dipped strawberries and caramelized peaches.

Taking a break between all the goodies, we experimented further with tasty flavored massage oils. The scent of almonds is said to drive men wild. I tried almond oil, vanilla oil, and peaches and cream erotic massage oil. I was excited just to have my hands all over him, the almond oil smelled wonderful, but of the three, peaches and cream tasted the best.  I now fantasize about him being covered in peach oil, and peach preserves, and I’m realizing quickly that maybe there is something to these aphrodisiacs.  I’m starting to have food sex fantasies.

With that he gave me a bite of the banana pie, and I was in heaven.  His kiss sealed it as my tongue, body, and mind exploded into one.  Now I spend my days dreaming of dark closets, orgasms, peach preserves, and banana custard pie.

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