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I Want to Be Your Creature – 9
Devil, Teach Me – 20
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Dating Safety – Who Are You Meeting? – 28
My Mis-Adventures in Dating A Clown – 32
Clowns Need Love Too – 35
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In Fashion > Syren Couture Latex Fashions – 22
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We Specialize in Custom Creations, Exotic Woods, Bondage Rope and Canes is dedicated to creating distinctive and superior toys for the BDSM and Kink communities, using only the finest materials and tools. Each item is hand crafted with love and care by artisans who are part of and support the various BDSM/Fetish/Kink/Leather communities. The values of Ohana, Aloha and Pono are foundations for our company. We strive to provide one of a kind, erotic and highly detailed products and continuously update our line of toys and gear.

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