...in the role of a magician's assistant, dressed in properly provocative scantily attire. Your movements are graceful and your body is the essence of beauty. Your partner the magician instructs you to step up upon a low table and lie within the confines of a long shallow box. You dutifully do so that your wiggling feet are sticking out one end and your lovely head the other. Satisfied you are where he wants you to be the magician guides wooden stocks down across your neck, ankles and hips effectively restraining your body within the confines of the box. He asks if you are comfortable and when you smile, he grins before closing the lid of the box. Trapped, you watch nervously as he picks up a large saw and steps out of view towards the center of the box, your fate is his to control... Do you respond with horror, excitement, ecstasy – perhaps a bit of each? Remember, it is fantasy... anything is possible.

If it isn't apparent, my fetish is magician's assistants placed in perilous situations. I see the roles of magician and assistant as the classic archetypes of dominant male and submissive female who together in costume set a scene full of sensual bondage and macabre sadomasochistic undertones.

hat a girl wouldn’t give to be caught up in that moment, in the magician’s box. Sometimes adding a little magic can be like touching a hot stove. True magicians are a different sort of fire ladies, be careful you don‘t start dreaming of being in that box… the magic doesn’t end there. Costumes and role-play are fun and exciting ways to play with your partner and to enhance your relationship. We’ve all seen the naughty nurse outfits, and French maid costumes. These ideas have not become worldwide staples in the bedroom by chance. October is a great month to find many costumes in the Halloween sections of your local stores. Why not pick up a few for year round play and fun? A couple of swash-buckling pirate outfits so you can practice chaining your wench? Or how about a Dr’s lab coat for your guy, stethoscope, a naughty nurse outfit, and the two of you invite a close friend over to play the patient… well I suppose that depends on your relationship, but the scenarios can be as endless as your imagination…
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