ove letters are a timeless tradition, but in this day and age something much more forgotten. I don’t think I can explain the thrill in a one’s heart to receive a handwritten love note. Just a scent of my beloved on the paper inked with thoughts of his passion for me in his own handwriting, melts my heart. Chocolates tied with ribbons and cards with messages are wonderful too.

In today’s age I believe we often get far too caught up in rushing and technology. We are attached to our computers, our email, our cell phones, and texting. As much as it’s cute to send an occasional message to your love about how hot you’re going to make his evening; “sexting” does not have the same “ring” on the heart as a handwritten expression of your passionate desire for their love.


Start today.  Pick up some stationary and stamps. Start expressing your most secret inner desires and dreams of passion to your love today.  Write them a poem, describe how their skin felt the last time you touched, or how much you wish to kiss their lips… start with your desires and express love!

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