The Routine
Routine affection lets your honey know you love them. This routine should be practiced at greetings, salutations, and moments of inspiration to express love that's random and spontaneous. Don't make it meaningless. Make it symbolic. Show what it means to be at each other's disposal (in a good way). Our routine is three kisses, an ass smack, then a full ass-grope. We often repeat the process in one greeting.

The Sensual Signifier
Create a way to let your partner know you are ready for action! Not just ready for romance, but ready to explore the depths of ecstasy. It's important for your partner to know that they not only satisfy you, but bring you to a point of spiritual high... for us, the signifier is a particular night gown that HavMax wears to let ChivRock know it's gonna be a "Notti Nite". On a side note, if couples need a spicy ice-breaker, we suggest requesting "Kinky Notti: In The Mood Vol. 2", where we address "Short Cummings: Staying-Power vs. The Pleasure Principal" hahaha!

Fantasize Freely
Couples: This is BIG! Be open & available to discuss your fantasies. Don't shy away from your natural attractions. We're all humans, all mammals, all adults. So lose those childish insecurities... if you're afraid that your lover might find someone (or something) else more attractive than you, don't be! No one can possibly be attracted to JUST ONE THING in life... that would mean that your lover is some kinda odd alien creature. So come to grips with this fact & expand further by considering the reality that we're all "wired" to receive & experience bliss... and above all, we have the right to explore such connections.

It doesn't always have to be a bedroom connection... sometimes for us, the music we create brings us to a point where we want to embrace and experience that music on all levels, so we make love to it, fuck to it and empower each other through it. And in turn, we believe the galaxy spins a bit faster, further charging the big "battery" that keeps us all alive.

Dirty Chat
Talking about a sexual experience that you both shared can be fun when done in a chatty matter-of-fact kinda way. It should be done during ordinary chats, randomly throwing in a quick comment to remind the other about how enjoyable last night was, or the joys of life & being together. But sometimes for us, cheerful reminders have come through song & lyric when a cheesy, silly little serenade from one to the other breaks up the monotony and brings about instant smiles.

Have a Mission
Kinky Notti has been our common creative-mission for years now and has been one of the greatest things we've shared together. It brings twice the loving power and twice the reason to "make up" for disagreements (which are sure to pop up from time to time in the process). Sharing a creative project is quite comparable to having a baby... the experience is equally gratifying as you watch your creation grow and blossom.

For us, it's been a journey of small victories that consistently lead to bigger and better experiences as we learn to trust and let love happen through us. The "vessel technique" helps things naturally fall into a harmonious place... (unless it's a certain time of the month... then WATCH OUT!!) hahaha
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