Christmas Giving: An Understanding of Submission as a Gift – 4
Expectations – 10

Author of the Month: Dallas Black / 10 Erotic – 24
The 12 Days of Christmas – 23
A Christmas Spanking – 34
Gift Yourself some Beautiful Lingerie – 15

pleasure – 7
On the Eve of a New Life – 16
Heat – 30
Precious Gifts – 37

Submissive Emotions and the Dominant – 40
When Goals Aren't Met – 42
Subbing the Scene: D/s in Casual Play – 46
SPECIAL FEATURE > Chelsea Handler / I Am Equal – 18
The Arts
> Nawa Lochai / Photography– 22
Model of the Month > Deanna Deadly – 27
Music Feature > The Dollyrots / A Little Messed Up – 32
Food Feature
> Have You Been Naughty or Nice? – 28
It's Christmas! Need we say more...? – 48
Off Topic > A Healthy New Year – 50
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