lthough he's been part of the public kink scene for thirteen years, Lochai has been exploring kink and fetish since he was a six year old riding the school bus when he tied up his first "girlfriend". Since those humble beginnings, Lochai has built up an impressive résumé, not only as an award winning photographer, but also as a renowned bondage rigger, educator, and stalwart of the greater BDSM CommUNITY.

It's no surprise that in August of 2008, he was picked by, one of the most respected companies in the adult entertainment industry, to spearhead their flagship site,

Lochai brings an eye for beauty, passion for his craft, and playful irreverence to all of his endeavors.

In his photography, Lochai shines a light on the inner thoughts and desires of his subjects. He feels that the best stories to tell come from the hidden depths of the heart, and the art world has taken note.

"Beach Bound" by Lochai

Lochai’s iconic photo, “Beach Bound,” had the distinction of being judged “The World’s Most Erotic Photograph” by Erotic Signature. "Beach Bound" also has the distinction to be in the permanent collection of The Leather Archives in Chicago as well as in the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami. His work has been published in such publications as British Journal of Photography, World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today Vol. I & II, Secret, Skin Two, Prometheus, Cherry, Fetish Anthology, as well as his own fine art photography books.


Lochai brings the same flair and energy to his rope work, whether he's performing or teaching erotic rope, photography and bdsm lifestyle classes at any number of national kink events. As an educator and organizer, Lochai is fiercely dedicated to his CommUNITY. He helps monitor and organize online communication platforms such as the, which he created, and freely shares his skills and knowledge to rope enthusiasts and photographers of all experience levels and from all walks of life.

“Please enjoy my personal views of people's "real" lives. I shoot from the hip & the heart, If it won't move me, I won't shoot it.” — Lochai

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