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y mother, Rita Handler, was an amazing woman: considerate, caring, kindhearted and joyful. She cared about everyone with quiet compassion and expected nothing in return. She was a true leader and demonstrated the genuine power of a woman’s courage.

A champion for the underdog with an innate happiness created by giving. A female Gandhi? She would have been his assistant. Jackpot of an individual? Precisely.

Her outlook and the way she made people feel was the integral part of my family’s world. She taught me the power of female influence: express what you think, be who you are, and follow your intuition.

Being myself, speaking my truth, and trusting who I am got me to where I am today, and I have my mother to thank for it.
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Even though I never got to share my success alongside my mother in person, I get to experience something even better in witnessing her presence, spirit, and influence continue to grow stronger through the countless people she touched.

Life is about taking chances, and the people with the most gifts have a responsibility to themselves and those they can inspire, to take those chances. You never know how many people you end up paving a path for.

You, my dear reader, are an incredibly gifted person, in many ways. All avenues must be explored. Always remember this and stay true to your goals and above all, to your perfect little face.

The world is waiting for you!

Stand up comedienne Chelsea Handler hosts her own cable TV show, is an advocate of equality, and author of such books as her own personal memoir, My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands (2005).

She then wrote the collection of essays Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea (2008). She began her career in the late 1990’s when she first moved to Los Angeles. After she published her book in 2005, she jumped into the main spotlights of the comedy scene. Her memoir landed her many guest appearances, followed by being a regular reporter for Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show. She now hosts her own show on the E! Cable channel, Chelsea Lately, a smart and funny show with her take charge and sometimes over the top commentary. Besides her talk show, she is also doing stand-up comedy shows. The amazing, everywhere woman published her third book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang (2010), with her never ending energy, she continues to expand. Recently, Chelsea signed a script deal with NBC for shows based on her books. The E! network has also reported to have signed her into a new show, an After Lately spin-off! Keep your eye on this funny lady, she speaks her mind, and gets right to the truth with a brash sense of humor. Watch for her to be a big part of the evening line ups for the next several years. Go Chelsea! Girls rock!

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Reprinted from I AM EQUAL PhotoStory
Chelsea advocates the efforts of the LGBT community and equality. Please take time to learn more about the causes she supports:
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Autism Speaks
Generation Rescue
Human Rights Campaign
International Lesbian & Gay Association
Human Rights Watch

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