Motel Fetish, by Chas Ray Krider, published by Taschen 2002. This ground breaking collection of photographs is out of print, a rare fine and collectable. Text in four languages: English, French, German and Japanese.
Fetish Goddess: Dita  A compilation book with the work of 12 photographers, including 24 photos by Chas Ray Krider. Dita whether dominant or submissive, damsel in distress or provocative French maid, this genuine fetishist has laced herself up and paraded around in the highest of high heels - a true fetish goddess.
New Erotic Photography, edited by Maxim Jakubowski, published in the UK, 2010. The book is a compilation of work by more than 70 photographers from around the world, including Chas Ray Krider, George Pitts, Eric Kroll, Dave Naz, Steve Diet Goeddie, and Aaron Hawks. There is a strong Ohio presents in the New Erotic with Wolfgang Parker, Kitty Maer, and Gary Mitchell. Cover by Chas Ray Krider.
Motel Fetish
Hard cover, 280 pgs, 9x12 in.
Signed by Chas Ray $250
Fetish Goddess: Dita
Hard cover, 144 pgs, 9.5x13 in.
Signed copy by Chas Ray $35
New Erotic Photography
Paperback, 448 pgs, 5.5x7.75 in.
Signed copy by Chas Ray $25

Book Bonus!! Each book or print comes with a free music CD, the sound track to Motel Fetish. Motelesque: A Chas Ray Krider Movie for the Ears. The CD contains a 12-page booklet of never before published Motel Fetish era photos. (CD available separately, $15)

Shipping is additional, depending on location and method of shipping. Please email Chas Ray Krider for ordering details.


Art Print Sale!
A limited selection of prints as seen in Do Not Disturb and at – are available. These prints are not in an edition. The prints are artist proofs and studies for book reproduction. Prints are quality long lasting inkjet prints.

All prints are signed and dated, with images on an 8.5x11 matte surface paper. Priced $25 to $50.

Orders and availability:

Do Not Disturb by Chas Ray Krider. “Can desire, the anticipation of pleasure, ever truly be photographed? No one has done it as well as Chas Ray Krider, and no one has equaled his blend of salaciousness and subtlety.” — Esparbec, writer, Paris 2007. Published by La Musardine of Paris. Limited press run of 3000. This book is rare in the U.S.
Kustom Kamera has more beautifully produced, adrenalin-soaked pages of visceral eye-popping images, this collection of 12 photographers is a must-have for all the greasers, hot rodders, and kustom artists. The photographers include Dirk "The Pixeleye" Behlau, Richard Heeps, Laurent Bagnard and Chas Ray Krider. Also, David Perry and the great Viva Van Story is in the mix.
The New Erotic Photography: Taschen, edited by Eric Kroll and Dian Hanson, 2007, original first edition. Over 80 of the world's leading erotic photographers, including Chas Ray Krider.
Do Not Disturb
Hard cover, 200 pgs, 8x11 in.
Signed by Chas Ray $100
Kustom Kamera
Hard cover, 208 pgs, 8.75x10.25 in.
Signed copy by Chas Ray $30
The New Erotic Photography
Hard cover, 606 pgs, 8x12 in.
Signed copy by Chas Ray $40
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