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Your other hand reaches inside me, like a pearl diver trying to pluck at the treasure locked between two shells with slippery fingers. I draw the hand that was recently circling my nipples up to my mouth to suck on your fingers, moaning as my tongue traces your palm.

Your hips respond with equal enthusiasm, expressed with your groans in partial protest at what I am doing to your hand, and not to various other organs. My ass pressed hard up against you, moving your hand that was so recently in my mouth to my right breast and taking the hand that was between my legs into my mouth this time.

You whisper something about how I must taste. I can tell your level of arousal by the harshness in your voice, the way it grates against my ear before you lick a line from behind my ear down to my shoulder blades, ducking to kiss down my back, slowly pulling your hand out of my mouth as I moan an objection at the loss of what was keeping me orally occupied.

Your hands on my shoulder direct me to turn to be lying on my back as you lean over me, kissing me hard, one hand groping yourself, the other on my hip, clenching and unclenching your grip unconsciously. Your kiss winds south down my neck, between my breasts, then you take my left nipple in your mouth and my right in your hand.

I moan, holding the back of your head in one hand and digging my nails into your shoulder blade with the other. You respond to my nails by using more of your teeth which just makes me moan louder, pressing the back of your head harder against my chest, while gently tugging on your hair. Your tongue swirls around my nipple making my eyes roll back in my head, before you pause to switch breasts.

My hips jerk upward involuntarily and you take this as the invitation needed to slide your body between my legs, which instantly wrap around your waist, grinding my crotch against the bottom of your stomach as you continue to taunt me with only the tiniest nips of your teeth. I moan, tugging on your hair, you know my non-verbal gestures well enough by now, move up or move down, but you can't stay where you are.

You give one more tug using your teeth and tongue, then quickly kiss down my stomach, and begin to eat out my cunt, but stop after only about 15 seconds to look up at me and grin mischievously.

I respond with a moan and light tug of your hair, continuing the unspoken command of "up or down." Keep using your mouth, or get up here so I can use other parts of you instead. You understand, and use your tongue to dart licks between my lips, flicking my clit in a way that makes my thighs shake like butterfly wings.

My breath quickens until I draw you up by your hair to kiss you deeply, wrapping my legs around your waist once again, moaning into your mouth. Your response is equally urgent, sliding two fingers inside me as I let out a gasp, then pulling out the fingers to ease yourself inside me, while I moan into your shoulder, now covered in my teeth marks.

My legs wrap tighter around your waist, drawing you into me until you can't get any deeper. We mutually exclaim in gasp and moan form, and I suck on your lower lip while a growl starts in your throat, slowly pulling out of me before quickly thrusting back in, leading me to bite your lip until you groan, darting your tongue between my parted teeth, teasing mine. My nails are firmly imbedded in the skin of your back as our breathing gets more ragged and shallow, hips bucking in time to our internal rhythm, while trying to synchronize the throbbing of your hard-on with the clenching of my twat.

I put my hand on the side of your face so I can shove my tongue in your mouth, then whisper for you get up, you've had your turn. Your back arches as you growl, slowly pulling out, before you turn over and lie on your back next to me. I straddle your thighs, and lean forward to kiss you, now savouring the tease, while kissing you slowly and sucking on your lower lip, using just enough teeth to make you moan.

I lick down your neck after nipping at your ear lobe, one of my hands now on your chest, lightly tweaking your nipple, while my other hand slides between my legs slowly, just the back of my hand brushing along your length.

I slide down your body, my tongue tracing down your stomach, then stopping to blow on the wet line I've left, making you shiver. One of my hands is now resting on your thigh, the other wrapping around your base as my tongue traces shapes along the head, slowly taking it into my mouth as your breathing becomes shallower and your arms lose the tension they once had, with one hand resting very gently on my shoulder, the other combing through my hair. >>

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