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Dear Friends,

We at safeword magazine appreciate your continued support.  We want to take time to thank the artisans who allow us to show off their amazing talents to you.  As a reader, if you come across someone’s work that you enjoy, drop them a line, purchase their books or art, refer your friends, or even just say hello. They enjoy hearing feedback from their fans. 

We skipped through February, having our fill of the treats, cards and cupcakes for Valentine’s Day.  March is sneaking up on us quickly, bringing us hope for spring days ahead.  We will cover the hard topic of rules within our relationships, whether positive or negative, and how we can handle boundaries.  New music breaking ground in March, a five-course meal, entertainment, and several hidden surprises.  Each month there are many hidden surprises within the magazine.  We hope you have fun finding them all, and are sure to remember the secret safeword of the month during play. 

Be sure to sign up for the new Get Some 2 Give Some affiliate program.  We often present articles with positive messages and organizations behind them.  Find out more, and how you can continue to show your support for one of our featured organizations.  Show a little love, and help us make the community aware of the positive aspects of our alternative lifestyles and the creative spirit within all of us.

We are looking forward to many more issues, tough topics, and pushing the boundaries of the publishing industry.   With spring comes optimism, growth, understanding, and sharing.   Personally, I can’t help but hold optimism and love close to my heart.


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