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1. Make an aphrodisiac feast. Food is sexy and sensual. Aphrodisiacs are thought of as foods that arouse and get someone in the mood. Plan a meal of aphrodisiac delights to get your lover in the mood.

2. Use a sexy language. French is known as the language of love. Learn a few sentences to add to your repertoire so that you can whisper naughty things in a sexy tongue.

3. Kiss. A good kiss is something that everyone remembers. Get in there deep, wet, and soft, and you will have him or her oozing in your arms.

4. The tie. One of my classes is teaching women how to tie a man's tie. Men love it and think it is so sexy. Plus, it is a delicious way to make eye contact. Top it off with a kiss! Surprise him one morning with tying a knot, then send him on his way. You will be on his mind all day.

5. Write a love letter. Writing love letters just may be the key to winning someone's heart, so bring back this art form and write down how much you love your partner.

6. Undies surprise. Grab some sexy lace undies, spray with your favorite scent, and put this in his bag or briefcase.

7. Smile. There is nothing sexier than a smile. Have a special smile that you show off to your boo whenever you are in the mood. It is something that will be just between the two of you, which makes the smile even more tantalizing.

8. Plan a secret sexy getaway. Tell your lover to just pack a bag and then whisk him or her away for a weekend.

9. Get a new scent. Smell is very important, it is one of the things that attract people to each other. Get a new scent, something with notes that you know your lover will adore.

10. Send flowers. Flowers may seem tired, but they never go out of style, especially when they are not expected.

11. Listen. When I coach people, I am always saying that the sexiest thing they can do is listen. When you listen, you pick up valuable information about the other person, such as their desires, wants, and needs, which is priceless in the art of seduction.

12. Watch a sexy movie. Watching a sexy movie is always a great way to seduce someone.

13. Go to a romantic restaurant. Act like you are going nowhere fancy and then take your special someone to a romantic or sexy place. There are many places that are focused on seduction from restaurants to lounges. Explore your options.

14. Read sonnets. William Shakespeare wrote beautiful poetry called sonnets that are short and sexy. On a rainy night, bust out your book of sonnets and let the words speak for you.

15. Dance. The couple that dances together stays together. It puts you in sync, and it gets your bodies moving together. Do the tango if you dare.

16. Make a mix CD. Put together songs that you would love to dedicate to your partner. There is nothing hotter than a mixed CD and every time he listens to it, he will think of you.

17. Three little words. Simply walk up and whisper in your lover's ear, "I love you."

18. Just do it. There is always something that your partner wants you to do, but you haven't gotten around to it. It could be to fix something or go somewhere. Why not do it? It will make him so happy and make his heart go pitter pat.

19. Sex text. Sending a sex text in the middle of the day is something that can really make someone want you. Let him know about all the things that you can to do to him later in the day.

20. Go on a retreat. Going on a retreat with your lover can be really beneficial. You get away together, learn together, and just simply enjoy each other in new and interesting ways.

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