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Dear Readers,

March Madness comes over all of us each year.  Many of us spend time wishing for spring and wondering when the rains will stop.  There is a growing desire to break free and let our spirits run at the first sight of a sunny day.  Eventually our wishes are granted.

March brought us a lot of great entertainment and a reflection on personal rules in our relationships.  Showcasing authors, artisans, musicians and alternative lifestyles can only truly happen with your support and the extremely talented works contributed to us.  It takes you.

April is sneaking up on us quietly, and often a time to reflect one’s spirituality.  We will take a look at how religion has affected our sexual personalities.  Is your relationship with your partner a truly spiritual one and how does that tie into your belief systems?  We will reflect upon these areas of our lives, while covering the latest talented erotic artisans and entertainment in the alternative community.

While March Madness is hitting us hard we want to bring attention to our affiliate program The Get Some 2 Give Some Project.  For the entire month of March, 25% of all full year subscriptions sold will be given to United Way.  Get your subscription in March and help the community, or sign up to be an affiliate and choose an organization to support! Get Some 2 Give Some!

Make a difference any way you can!


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