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“Religion is probably, after sex, the second oldest resource which human beings have available to them for blowing their minds”

Susan Sontaq


The third is politics. One of the goals each month for Safeword Magazine is to present varying ideas on topics to make our readers think.  The articles are written and contributed by members of the community and represent a variety of opinions and views on a given topic.  It takes a lot of courage to step up and voice an opinion on such controversial topics such as religion and sexuality.  Regardless of whether you agree with the opinions of our writers, they are to be commended for standing up in today’s ever judging society.  Be sure to take time to thank our contributors for their outstanding efforts. Visit their sites, and contribute to their work.

May’s topic will continue the controversial efforts of challenging our thoughts on our sexuality and how it affects us and society.  Safeword Magazine is going to cover the tough topics related to politics and sex.  How do you feel about laws regulating our sexuality? What about our marital laws? Should politicians be held to a higher standard in sexual morality? Who’s making and breaking the laws? What are they? All of these are tough questions and affect our choices in our bedrooms and in our homes.  When we stop and think of the personal issue involved, what gives anyone the right to make these choices for us?

We realize this is a topic that many would like to give their opinion on, and here is your opportunity.  If you feel strongly about an issue and would like to see it expressed in the upcoming issue, submit your story, article, or poem to  We are dedicated to promoting the talents of the community and the artisans within.  We also want to make a change for everyone in the lifestyle and alternative communities, for you, for the community, for the world.  It all begins with… you.

Artisans for a Change,


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