All things are relative to the individual. We all want freedom; freedom to believe, freedom to think, to be, to feel. How can we expect to have these individual freedoms in our lives without granting those opportunities to others?  If we bring thoughts of “sin” or “condemnation” into our sexuality or onto others sexual choices then we are in a sense restricting freedom.

The choice to have religion in your life is personal; a freedom and right fought for around the globe.  Lives are lost daily, for freedoms and religious choices.  The choice to be Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, Christian, Agnostic, Atheist, or any world religion is yours and yours alone.  If you then choose to bring a little “naughty” or “pretend” or “play” or even “sin” to  your bedroom, that too is a freedom that you can express with your partner.

Robert Heinlein put his finger right on the definition of sin. “Sin lies only in hurting other people unnecessarily.”  In the world of BDSM, consensual sensation play often involves some levels of pain. Safewords are a necessary tool that allows us the freedom for such play.  Whether we choose to have them as the standard Red Yellow and Green, or you’re in a close relationship where words are not even necessary, we all want play time to end on a positive note.

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