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An excerpt...

"Are you awake? Ready to continue?"

"Yes Sir. Any chance of an orgasm? Please?"

He smiled, "Not yet, Kitten. It’s time for a few reminders of the rules. Not because you’ve forgotten them, but because I want to make sure you remember them. Okay?”

She nodded and he continued, “You don't get to ask me not to do something. You had a small punishment for that the first night and you've done well since but I feel the need to remind you again: If you don't want me to do something then you can safeword, but you don't get to say ‘please don't’. While you are with me you belong to me, to do with as I please. You don't get to ask me not to do something unless I've asked for your opinion. Clear?"

"Yes Sir."

"Okay. No coming without permission. If I've told you that you can't come and you don't think you can hold back then tell me and I may choose to back off some until you can get control of yourself."

She felt an electric shock run through her at his words and she had to draw a breath in to say, "I understand, Sir."

"I will rarely ask for your silence, and I don't intend to do so tonight. You may not tell or ask me what to do, but other than that you may speak when you wish as long as you do so respectfully. You can say "yes yes yes" to let me know you like something, you may tell me something hurts, you may tell me something feels good. You may moan, speak, cry, scream, whatever. Okay?"

"Yes Sir."

She started to move her feet to drop them over the side of the vanity and he placed he hands on them to keep them where they were. He apparently wanted her to remain as she was.

"One final thing. I know you've got the one safeword and when you give it I stop and ask you whether the scene is over or whether you just need me to stop doing what I was doing. But for tonight I want you to say Yellow if you just need me to back off of whatever I'm doing without stopping, okay?"


"Why the difference, Sir?"

"Because you are going to need me to back off tonight. I need to know where your edge is, and that means I have to cross it to find it. And when that happens I don't want to have to stop, I want to keep the flow going."

She nodded, "Yes Sir, yellow if I just need for you to back off of whatever you are doing at the moment, but not stop doing things completely."

His voice softened, "Okay Kitten, one final reminder. You are not being punished tonight. I need to hurt you. Your pain turns me on. It's a proof of your submission, that you'll take the pain without safewording out of it, that you are submitting to whatever I choose to do to your body."

"Yes Sir, I understand."

"Then come with me, Kitten."
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